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Marketing Leaders Programme


We’re delighted that you would like to apply for this unique development opportunity. We’ll consider your application based on your answers to the below questions. Before you do that, we would like to share a few important points about the Marketing Leaders Programme (MLP).

MLP is founded on the belief that personal growth is achieved through shared experience – it helps us appreciate what is possible, what we are capable of and to work out what we need to do about it. This is why MLP shares perspectives from great marketing leaders who join as guests, expert guest contributors, leadership coaches who are with you all the way and of course you as part of the MLP community.

It’s you and the mindset you bring that can make all the difference. You can expect to be inspired, stretched and challenged on MLP and you get out of it what you put in.

This means:

  • Being open to considering new and different ways of looking at the world (and perhaps yourself!)
  • Being generous in sharing your expertise and experience
  • Being brave as you explore who you are as a leader
  • Being bold as you consider the leader you want to be and
  • Being encouraging of and supportive to others

Please complete the below and we will be in touch to let you know if you have been accepted onto the programme for the dates outlined opposite.

Minimum answer, 200 words
Minimum answer, 100 words
Minimum answer, 100 words
We would love to hear about your hopes and ambitions for the future and the role that you think MLP will play in making that future happen. Minimum answer, 100 words.
This programme requires the recommendation and support of a sponsor. Please ask your sponsor provide information for this section.

Read our Terms & Conditions here.

We won't use your data for marketing purposes, only to contact you regarding your MLP application and course information

Application deadlines

Singapore - 27 July 2020
New York - August 2020

London (Closed. Will reopen for 2021 in September 2020.)

Programme prices

London - GBP £9,995 +VAT
Singapore - SGD $8,500
New York - USD $10,000